About Us

Imagination Meets Paper

We create imagined whimsical worlds for you to escape and wonder within. 

At Purple Mountain Press we believe art can do more than just hang on a wall or be placed within a frame. Art can inspire and breathe imagination into your dreams! Our art is meant to do just that, bring a sense of wonderment and imagination into your daily lives.


Meet The Team




Chris Mortenson: Owner

One of the least created and most inspiring line of artwork is Claymation, and there just isn't enough of it out there for individuals to enjoy. I grew up laughing with Wallace and Gromit, spending the holidays with Rankin-Bass films, and learning from Gumby. Stop motion and Claymation have been art styles I have grown up with and treasured for years. My art is meant to bring a small sense of wonder and curiosity to your home. I can only hope it inspires you and your children the same way this art style had done for me.